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Every session starts with at least one new Problem. The exact number depends on the number of players and the length of the session. For a two-hour or four-hour session, use these numbers. For longer sessions, roll problems every three hours, as below.

Number of Players Problems
1-2 1
3-4 2
5+ 3

Have players roll 2d12 and add their level. If you have a table of mixed-level characters, the players of the highest-level characters should roll.

2d12 Problem
3 A Holy Lantern priest stops by, inviting everyone to Temple for dinner.
4 Hengritte is addicted to spirit potions. She isn’t doing her chores.
5 Mijktar is pissed off about Mixia the Blackguard enforcer dating his sister Selia. He’s trying to round up help to go kill him.
6 Someone stole an heirloom necklace from Grandma Ulish. Her young-adult grandchildren show up and accuse Rodharn of stealing it. (He did; he pawned it.)
7 Hengritte is selling spirit potions on the street, which angers the Kickstone locals. They don’t want all their kids doing that stuff.
8 Mijktar and Esven get into a fight with the local “tough kids.” It’s been escalating and the next fight will be more than bruises and scrapes.
9 Rodharn has stolen cakes from the Kickstone Mill, a bakery. The baker demands recompense (4 sp). His discounted, day-old bread is part of your subsistence (add 2 cp/day if he stops).
10 Rodharn is talking about breaking into a clothing store tonight and stealing the coin box. He knows where it is hidden. His plan is horrible.
11 The Kickstone blacksmith is calling <<pick>> terrible racial slurs. Various comrades are getting angry. Over time, anti-minority sentiment will breed in Kickstone as a result.
12 A representative of the Betters shows up to inspect your building. They’ll use this information to report you to the Borough Captain.
13 The Mason’s Guild sends six guards (CR 1/4 each, at first) to clear out the commune so they can survey it.
14 Brass Clubs on the street assume you are up to no good, and they want to search you and take your stuff.
15 Mijktar stumbles in, all beat up. He says Esven is dead. They were attacked by the Blackguard.
16 A local constable harasses the party: especially the minorities. Is anyone out and carrying a weapon? He’s a combat happy officer of the watch (CR 2) with a chip on his shoulder.
17 The Betters are pressuring Kickstone residents to refuse your business. Every week, the chance a business will refuse you increases by 1 in 6.
18 Hengritte can’t score the spirit potions she needs. She’s broke. She starts prostituting herself. She makes a pass at one of the PCs and offers herself for 5 sp.
19 A low level Blackguard operative shows up and asks if anyone knows of someone selling spirit potions. It’s about Hengritte or possibly one of the PCs, and the Blackguard will probably hurt them.
20 Hengritte has bite marks on her neck that she doesn’t notice till you point it out. She doesn’t remember where she was last night, but that’s not unusual.
21 A representative of the Betters shows up to inspect your building. Except it’s really a Mason’s Guilder, scoping out the place.
22 A Blackguard pimp shows up, looking for Hengritte and Izor.
23 Hengritte, in one of her more lucid moments, rattles on about this dreamy and beautiful man she met last night.
24+ Izor comes to you with a black pouch he found tied to the front door of the commune. The commune owes Black Tax (5 gp). It’s real.


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