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The main vehicle for play in the City of Brass is the Live Game, a traditional, in-person, sit-around-a-table RPG campaign played with pens, paper, and dice. These are usually on the Calendar or mentioned on the Front Page.

Watch this page’s Calendar for upcoming opportunities to make your Marx.

All City of Brass characters are welcome in all games. If you start playing in games at Alternate Worlds or the Windup Space, you can play the same characters in games at my house or conventions, for example.


I run City of Brass Live games at several different venues:

The Windup Space in Baltimore, Maryland, 6-8 PM, on alternating Wednesdays. This is my main venue right now. The campaign was designed for the Open Table philosophy of the Windup Space game nights. It’s a two-hour slot and all games are drop-in, no commitment.

Alternate Worlds in Cockeysville, Maryland. I like to support my friendly, local game store (FLGS), which happens to be Alternate Worlds in Cockeysville, MD. If all goes well, I’ll run an occasional game at the game store. If all goes really well, I’ll run a biweekly game there. I’m not currently running games there.

My House in Owings Mills, Maryland. If you know me well enough, you get invited to occasional events at my house. These are typically full-session games lasting 4-5 hours.

Conventions. I attend a few game conventions throughout the year:

Watch the Calendar to see if I’ll be running City of Brass at any of these.

Online games

I have no plans to run City of Brass Live games online, but qv. the Political Game.

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Live Game

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