The Player’s Handbook lists some basic crafting rules to make money during downtime between adventures. By the rules, you can earn 5 gp between adventures, assuming you own the means of production—er, the proper tools (e.g., smith’s tools, artisan’s tools) and have proficiency in them.

This is already a pretty high bar, but I’m raising it a bit.

You need a suitable workspace. There might be a nice area of the commune to work in, but most of the rooms are in a very poor condition and won’t work. Either fix up the commune and make a workspace, or find a friendly citizen in the city to let you use their place.

You need suitable raw materials. A poor person like you probably has a hard time getting the goods you need to make new things.

You need free time. Time in the City of Brass campaign is measured in workdays. A workday is a full day of hard labor. You must choose how you will spend your workday and you can’t divide your attentions. Typical things you do during a workday:

  • Forage for food.
  • Forage for resources.
  • Find and work a day-labor job.
  • Work on improving the commune.
  • Work on a personal crafting project.
  • Do adventure stuff.

So if you want to earn 5 gp in a day, you need tools, proficiency in the tools, a workspace, all the raw materials, and a day free of other responsibilities to do the work.


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