All-Weekend Gaming

Next event: November 11-13, 2016, in Owings Mills, MD

This is a special event at my house, so if you feel you know me well enough to hang out in my kitchen and play games, then join me for a weekend of gaming. If you’re unsure, just ask!

The plan is to play City of Brass as much as people want, but if we need a break, I can run other things, too. I have four different Traveller adventures I can run with little to no prep. I can run 1980 Basic D&D (usually B2 Keep on the Borderlands) if you want to kick it “Old School,” but I’ve been known to kill entire parties in the Caves of Chaos, so beware!


The schedule is a bit loose, but it looks something like this:

Friday 11th

Veteran’s Day! You may have it off.

  • 3-7 PM : Hang out and chat. Make characters!
  • 7-11 PM : Gaming (City of Brass), drinks, and dinner (probably pizza or Chinese or Indian, all of which deliver)
  • Midnight-whenever — Subdued Conversation

Saturday 12th

  • 1-5 PM : Gaming (City of Brass), snacks
  • 5-7 PM : BBQ, Drinks, Gabbing
  • 7-11 PM : Gaming of some kind

Sunday 13th

  • 11 AM : Brunch somewhere? Eggspectations? IHOP? Mare Luna Latin Grille?
  • 1-6 PM : Gaming (City of Brass?)
  • 6 PM-Whenever : Dinner out? Conversation?

I work on Monday morning. ;)


You’re welcome to stay the night if you want to drink (but please don’t get trashed and try to play games), or if you have a long drive, or if you just want to hang out longer. I have a guest room (which may already be spoken for) and a big ol’ modular sofa that probably sleeps three. There’s also tons of floor space.


  • We have three cats. If you have allergies, sorry.
  • No smoking in the house.
  • BYOB.
  • This is a drug-free event.
  • The basement gets cold. The upstairs guest room gets hot (but is at all times cat-free, at least).
  • Please help keep the place clean.

All-Weekend Gaming

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