City of Brass uses a nonstandard experience points (XP) and advancement system. Check out the Rewards page for an accounting of everyone’s current XP.

Earning XP

There are two ways to earn experience points: by solving problems, and by improving the commune.

Solving problems

During each two-hour session, the GM will ask each player to roll on the random events table. This creates a number of challenges for the party to deal with.

At the end of the session, all problems that are completely resolved earn each player 2 XP. All problems that are partially resolved will continue to be problems later, but earn each player 1 XP. All unresolved problems escalate and cause bigger trouble for the commune, and earn no XP for anyone.

Problem statusXP earned per player
Continued / partially resolved1

Improving the commune

Making any kind of lasting change to the commune, for the better, earns 3-12 XP (at the GM’s discretion), to be split among the characters involved in proportion to their involvement.

Some ways you can improve the commune:

  • acquire important resources that the commune needs (at least 3 RP)
  • remodel or clean up a room at the commune
  • change, for the better, how people think of the commune

Creating a character page

Once you reach 2nd level, you have the option to create a character page on this website. Document your character’s background and history and personality and you’ll earn 5 XP. You don’t need to record stats and all that stuff, but tell us what your race, class, and gender are and what you’re good at doing (skills, profession, etc.).


As you earn XP, you gain levels, as usual. However, as XP awards are much smaller in the City of Brass, the advancement table is adjusted. (I reserve the right to change this table as needed, if I find that this is broken, in playtest.)



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