In the City of Brass, events happen in a sort of rhythm. There are at least five large celebrations on the calendar every year, plus countless small ones.

Festival of Fire – midsummer
Harvest Feast – autumn
Sacrifice Day – midwinter
River Fair – spring
Empress Day – early summer

Far more interesting events occur now and then as the tides of local or regional politics flow in and out. Once per adventure, roll on the Random Local Event table.

Random Local Event (1d10)

1 The city shuts down the market for failure to pay taxes.
2 A kind blacksmith moves into Kickstone. He’ll pay well for apprentice labor.
3 A new gang of 2d10 members arrives in town, looking to claim territory. The gang is (1d6) 1: criminal, 2: anarchist, 3: vigilante, 4: press gang, 5: guild, 6: Blackguard.
4 A sewer tunnel collapses for several hundred feet, making it difficult to navigate to points east.
5 The Fire Shrine attracts 1-3 new clerics.
6 Floating eyes scan the town for 1d6 days, looking for something.
7 Someone makes a donation to the Commune, (1d6) 1-3: enough food to feed everyone for 2 days, 4: 1d4 RP of repair materials, 5: a keg of ale, 6: a bunch of old books.
8 A tenant in Kickstone discovers a weird secret door in their basement and comes to the Commune for help.
9 Roll on the* Random Ash Borough Event* table.
10 Roll on the* Random Ash Borough Event* table.

Random Ash Borough Event (1d10)

1 Roll for a different borough instead.
2 A fire sweeps through the borough. Roll 1d6: 2+, the fire threatens Kickstone; 5+, the fire threatens the Commune.
3 Harhai, the Ash Borough Captain, was murdered in his sleep, leaving an angry gnoll faction and an empty political seat. Elections to follow.
4 A new bar opens in Ash, offering some kind of exotic entertainment. (1d6) 1: pit fighting, 2: open bard night, 3: animal fighting, 4: drinking contests, 5: magic shows, 6: nude dancing.
5 A pregnant rogue rookdrake nests on a rooftop. It drives out most of the building tenants and starts hunting people in the street at night.
6 A local gang gets stronger, and can operate at the Borough level. Multiply their number by 10 and then divide it by 1d6.
7 Word is that a minor noble frequents a bar in Ash.
8 An enchantment factory opens in Ash, looking for magical workers.
9 The Borough Captain hosts a gladiator event. Fighters must be Ash residents. Kickstone is expected to field a team.
10 Roll on the Random City Event table.

Random City Event (1d10)

1 The empress leaves (or returns to) the city with great fanfare.
2 Hundreds of ships appear in the harbor as an army attacks the city. Conscription increases.
3 Food shortages cause all food prices to increase (+1 sp/day survival cost) for 2d6 months.
4 Unemployment surges. It’s harder (+5 DC) to get a job now.
5 A nasty crime by an individual against a member of nobility puts a minority race (pick randomly) in danger.
6 The empress issues a poverty relief edict, offering free bread to all citizens for 2d6 days.
7 A heat wave makes life unbearable for the week. City travel is dangerous without water.
8 Unusual sea storms dump torrents of rain on the city, flooding many areas and bringing out dangerous animals (rats, snakes, giant spiders, and worse).
9 Someone important dies: (1d20) 1-8: a well known general or noble; 9-13: the head of a noble house; 14-17: a ranking member of the Hall of Brass; 18-19: one of the other icons (not the Empress); 20: the Empress.
10 A malign planetary alignment connects the spirit world with the mundane world for one night. Spirits come out. People get stuck in the spirit world.


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