City of Brass

Episode 6

This was the sixth game set in the City of Brass. I ran it for five players at the Windup Space in Baltimore. Two players were new to the City of Brass. The other three were returning players.

Characters present:

  • Someplace, male tiefling paladin
  • Russelfin, male gnome monk
  • Keg’Alog, female half-orc barbarian
  • Sut, male dwarf fighter (looks like coal), was a demolitions man for the Masons Guild, messed up bad and owes them lots of money for reparations
  • Wrench, male half-orc bard, horns player in a failed band called Formicide

NPCs encountered

  • Hengritte, a comrade once addicted to spirit potions, who still wants to visit her spirit dragon, also a vampire victim
  • Hatha, a woman the comrades met in the market; she has bite marks, too
  • The PCs from last session, particularly Kethin, the half elf bard

New problems

Mijktar returns all bloodied and beaten. He says Esven is dead. Someplace was very concerned about this and wanted to do something about it, but the rest of the comrades weren’t as urgently interested. Someplace did manage to convince Mijktar to hang out and heal, and not go rushing back for revenge. He says that he was beaten up by a Blackguard.


Hengritte has bite marks on her neck. When asked about them, she didn’t seem to know they were there. She doesn’t remember much about last night, but that’s often the case for her. She insists she was sober last night, though. The comrades suspect a vampire, though none of them really knew that vampires were real before now.

They decided to investigate the vampire bite first. Canvassing the neighborhood was fruitless. They wandered down to the triangle market and asked around there, and managed to find another woman, Hatha, who had bite marks on her neck. She also remembers nothing about it. She thought they were nuts, with all the talk of vampires and whatnot.

They scared off Hatha, unintentionally, and she left her groceries there. A bit of fast-talking and a Friends spell made the street vendor more susceptible to Wrench’s persuasion, and the comrades made off with a few chickens and other foodstuffs before the vendor got his wits back (and was furious). Everyone ate well that day.

Later on, searching for signs of a vampire in the neighborhood, Someplace happened to be looking in the right place at the right time (or wrong time, depending on how you look at it), and noticed a handsome, fanged man skulking in a window of a tall, run-down tower. Someplace pretended not to notice and kept going down the street, so as not to tip off the vampire.

Russelfin stayed and kept an eye on the tower, but he was tailed by a robed man later on. The comrades confronted and intimidated the man tailing them, found out he was probably doing the vampire’s bidding, and sent him back with the address of the leader of the Betters. The poor man was so frightened by the thought of failing his master that he wet himself.

A plan is hatched

Sut suggested that they blow up the tower. They hatched a plan to steal explosives from the Masons Guild supply depot and set off a controlled demolition of the tower to kill the vampire inside.

After much deliberation, they tried to break into the supply depot, half a day’s travel across the city. Their plan involved disguises and Wrench impersonating a manager, who happened to be a human woman, and who happened to be out for the day. They quickly came up with a new plan to Charm one of the guards and talk their way in. That didn’t work either. Then the other guard got suspicious and they Charmed him, too. They told them about the vampire, and failed utterly. They eventually went home, tails between their legs.


Old Problems

Hengritte’s is still prostituting herself. She wants to earn money for spirit potions to go visit her spirit dragon friend. Someplace tried to intervene but doesn’t seem to have convinced her. He did learn the name of her “handler” (pimp): Alem. Mixia knows Alem, as they’re both Blackguards, but Mixia doesn’t seem to be involved in prostitution.

Someplace heard that three other comrades (Kethin, Roland, and Pete) had held Hengritte against her will and had beat up Grog, so he went to confront Kethin, hearing he was their leader. He grabbed Kethin and threw him against a wall, but Kethin just snapped back with his signature Charm spell. Someplace suddenly felt great amicability towards Kethin and the two had a nice talk about Hengritte’s well-being for 55 minutes, then Kethin disappeared quickly.

Kethin had tried to lure Someplace out into the street away from the eyes of the Commune so that Roland could get into position to do something, but Wrench threw a—nevermind. Wrench saw the ruse and tapped Roland on the shoulder to keep him from doing anything shady.



Three of the five comrades failed their Morale checks!

Commune improvements

Russelfin spent some time moving the junk from the courtyard into one of the junky inside rooms. He has plans to turn the courtyard into some kind of marketplace or concert venue or something.


Jobs and other commitments

No one held down a job this time.


Keg’Alog, Russelfin, Someplace, Sut, and Wrench each earned 1 XP.



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