City of Brass

Episode 5

This was the fifth game set in the City of Brass, and the first FOUR-HOUR game. I ran it for three players at a private home in Laurel, Maryland. All three players were new to City of Brass, but we’ve gamed together a lot before.

Characters present:

  • Kethin MyFel, male half elf bard, snake charmer, seeking his abusive father (who illegally “breeds” half-elves) to confront him.
  • Roland, male dark elf rogue, forgery expert.
  • Pete, male human cleric, pirate “enforcer” who is faithful to the storm god.

NPCs encountered

  • Pliya, female human (skinny, rakish, wild hair), storm god adherent
  • Hengritte, a comrade addicted to spirit potions
  • [PC] Grog, a male half-orc barbarian who funds Hengritte’s habit so she won’t sell to kids

Random problems

The Kickstone blacksmith is calling local elves nasty racial slurs. They did nothing about this.

Old Problems

Hengritte’s spirit potion addiction is making her behavior worse. She’s prostituting herself. Grog is facilitating her addiction.

The group found Hengritte and Grog laying on their usual rooftop spot. Hengritte was zoned out, probably visiting with her spirit dragon. Grog was halfway there. Pete stayed on the street while Kethin and Roland climbed up to confront them. Things got nasty and a non-lethal fight broke out, ending in Grog getting beat up and knocked out.

A group of three Brass Clubs wandered by at the wrong time. Kethin made an illusion to distract them and cause them to run off to investigate a strange noise. They did return and fast-talking caused them to believe everything was Grog’s fault. The Brass Clubs dragged Grog off and left him for dead in an alley.

They spent the next week trying to break Hengritte’s addiction. They essentially kidnapped her and made her sleep in the commune. When she would try to get away, Kethin would charm her magically. They took turns babysitting their captive for a week, using cure wounds on her to break the addiction cycle. At the end of the week, they failed to convince her not to go back to her spirit dragon, though. (RESOLVED Hengritte’s prostitution issue, 2xp; PARTIALLY RESOLVED Hengritte’s addiction issue, 1 xp)

The Masons. The mason surveyors showed up again. Actually, Roland (a dark elf familiar with the city’s sewers) identified the surveyors as part of the Scrapers Guild, an arm of the Masons responsible for the sewer systems.

They learned of another comrade’s lie about a deed and decided to make it true. Roland forged a couple fake deeds and the group hatched a plan to plant one in the Records Court. Kethin cased the place, loosing his snakes into the crowded hall to create a distraction, and he learned where the deeds were kept, but not the filing system. Kethin met the Head Scribe of the Records Court, an imposing woman wearing robes and some kind of ceremonial bronze necklace. She referred to “Seekers,” who presumably can find stuff in the stacks through magical means.

Later, they returned at night. Kethin distracted the guards (and charmed one of them) while Roland slipped in via the shadows. (Poor Pete was stuck back at the commune, babysitting Hengritte.) Eventually, the uncharmed guard figured out what was going on and drew a sword, and combat broke out.

Using the combat as a great distraction, Roland defeated the magical security protecting the deed sections of the stacks. He dodged the protective gaze of the floating eye security system. He studied the filing system and dropped the deed into the right place!

Then Roland got out in a hurry, so he could help Kethin, who was badly hurt. Roland backstabbed and killed the fighting guard. The other guard will understand what happened once his charm wears off.

Unfortunately, Roland forgot to clear the sand he used to disarm the runic traps! It’s unclear what will happen as a result of that. (COMPLICATED, 1 xp)

Fire Temple Priests. The two firebrand priests returned, harassing everyone who came near the commune. Pete create a magical fog cloud to obscure the priests and intimidate them into leaving for a while. They’ll be back. (COMPLICATED, 1 xp)


Everyone made their morale checks. Pete used his cleric’s charisma to aid the morale of people at the commune.

Jobs and other commitments

Kethin spent a number of days doing his snake charming act in the streets, making anywhere from 7 to 15 sp per day.

Pete found a job at a sailor’s bar down on the docks. It pays 15 sp per day, but if he misses work, he’ll probably be fired. He did have to take care of a bunch of drunken, rowdy sailors and beat up their leader. His boss tipped him with a free dinner and good ale that evening.

Roland apparently has most of his starting money and wasn’t worried about finding work at this time.


Kethin, Pete, and Roland each earned 5 XP.



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