City of Brass

Episode 4

This was the fourth game set in the City of Brass. I ran it for just two players at The Windup Space, both new to the campaign. I was slightly worried about how it would work with just two, but it went well.

Characters present:

  • Locke, male human rogue, professional bookie, hiding from Blackguard operatives from another city district.
  • Cade Foxglove, male halfling rogue, amateur herbologist, whose father was involved in a coalition against the Nunah noble family

NPCs encountered

  • Nepaner, male human, Locke’s Fixer contact
  • Vay, female elf, Cade’s Fence contact
  • Darun, male human, leader of the Betters who wants to shut down the commune

Random problems

The Betters show up to inspect the commune. A group of six Betters knocked on the door, waiting to be let in to inspect the place.

Six Masons guards show up to clear out the place. They were hired by the Betters to do the dirty work.

Cade ran to delay the guards. He demeaned himself a bit with Halfling street antics, keeping them entertained for ten minutes to give Lock time to get his own plan in action. Locke broke into a neighborhood apartment where kids lived so he could steal their underthings and toys. Wait, it’ll make sense in a minute.

Then Cade and Locke let the Betters in, planted the kids’ stuff in the leader’s (Darun’s) pockets, and eventually convinced the Masons guards that Darun was abusing children. Then Cade insisted that he had the deed to the place, and everyone left.

The Betters plot was COMPLICATED (1 xp). The Masons guards plot was RESOLVED (2 xp).

Drugs. Cade and Locke were very interested in the chemical recreations offered by the City of Brass. Cade did find some wild Sandweed, a mild sleeping herb, growing in the courtyard of the commune. Locke found a dealer who would sell him some Calea, an addictive speed drug.

Old Problems

Esven and Mijktar are missing. Locke and Cade decided to investigate the whereabouts of the missing brothers. Asking around town, they ended up at the apartment of Selia and Mixia. Selia seemed not to be worried about her brothers. Mixia wasn’t there, but Selia told the comrades where they could find him: at Kicks, the local dive bar.

Cade tracked down Mixia in his corner booth at Kicks, and bought Mixia his expensive (2 sp) drink, then sat down to talk to him. Mixia claimed not to know anything about Esven and Mijktar, but was probably lying. Cade lied to Mixia about his mission, and Mixia cornered the Halfling in the booth and stuck a dagger against his ribs. Cade changed his tune and told Mixia his purpose. (UNRESOLVED)


Cade failed his morale check. He gave a speech to inspire the commune and it was terrible, lowering everyone’s spirit.

Jobs and other commitments

Cade founded the Hand of the Dandelion, a spur-of-the-moment organization focused on rejuvenation and random acts of beauty. He convinced two NPC comrades—Sizayn (male) and Zakraj (female) to join and put them to work clearing debris from one of the commune rooms. They fed these two suckers for the time it took to clear the room. They also barred the gate with a piece of spare lumber.


Locke and Cade each earned 4 XP.



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