City of Brass

Episode 3

This was the third game set in the City of Brass. I ran it for four players at The Windup Space. Two had played in the campaign before; two were first-timers.

Characters present:

  • Grog, a half-orc barbarian
  • Gravel, a dwarf fighter
  • Spitz, a dragonborn rogue
  • Kow, a human monk

NPCs encountered

  • Hengritte, the young human woman who lives in the commune and is addicted to spirit potions
  • Izor, Hengritte’s friend, a young human man
  • Kens, the foreman in charge of the quarry, and Gravel’s patient boss

Random problems

Hengritte is still addicted to spirit potions. This escalated a bit. She came to Grog for money to buy potions. Grog followed her to her dealer, watched her spend Grog’s 10 sp on 12 potions, and confronted her when she got to her rooftop. She and Izor lied and said they only bought 10 potions. Grog forced the issue, made Hengritte cry, and collected ten potions, leaving them two. (CONTINUED)

Hengritte and Izor are prostituting themselves. The pair were seen dressing in sexy-but-sad clothing. It seems they’re starting to sell themselves for funding. This was only temporarily staved off when Grog funded Hengritte this time. No one has talked to her about it. (UNRESOLVED)

Holy Lantern priests invite the commune to dinner. This seems like a gift! The entire commune visited the big Fire Temple and sat in a large, round tent on pillows and ate a lovely “Mediterranean-style” dinner off brass plates. The cost was listening to a priest sermonize and proselytize for a couple hours.

Gravel was especially interested in the discussion of the Temple’s ability to improve people and give them purpose. A cleric took special interest in Gravel and gave him a small brass holy symbol on a string to wear around his neck. “You need to turn your life around!” was the Holy Lantern’s repeated slogan.

Kow argued with the priests about the nature of the world. The Earth Gods that Kow worships believe in a cyclic universe: ash to ash. For a while, he had a large crowd of people interested in his contrasting view of the world, but he lost a lot of them when his “you all become dirt when you die” message wasn’t as alluring as the Holy Lantern’s “if you’re good, then you live forever after death” message. He kept six followers, though, and he’s promised to meet them at the small Earth Gods shrine in the City once a week and share his message of … well, whatever?


Old problems

The Holy Lantern firebrand preacher returned to the commune. This time, with another priest. Gravel went out and apologized and that made things a lot better, but wasn’t quite enough, since the preacher is harboring some hate for the sorcerer, Menges Krawe. Gravel said he’d bring the sorcerer to the temple to talk to them. The preacher asked Gravel if he promised, and Gravel could feel a magical charge in the air, but agreed. Gravel has made a magical Oath now. On the bright side, the preachers left. (RESOLVED)

Surveyors measuring the commune block. The rich folks dressed in black were back with their surveying tools. They pounded iron stakes into the pavement and put up thin twine between them, cordoning off a street at a time. The four comrades tried to get a closer look at what the surveyors were recording in their notebooks but were stopped by four large guards.

Spitz and Kow decided they had to have a closer look anyway. They tried to sneak through the building across the street to bypass the guards and directly access the surveyors. Kow got through but Spitz got caught by an angry tenant. Spitz double-timed it back out the way he came, but then climbed to the roof and got a good look onto the street below.

Kow walked right up to the surveyors and asked what they were doing, and got a look at the papers. He saw a detailed map of the block containing the commune building and a wax seal of some familiar sigil of a flat shovel. So he swiped them.

It didn’t take long for the leader of the guards to have a sword pointed at Kow’s neck. The guards were about to drag Kow away when the roguish dragonborn Spitz slid off the roof, grabbed one of those iron stakes, and charged in behind a guard, slamming him with a dragon-electrified metal conducting slam to the testicles. The distraction gave Kow a chance to do some wicked parkour move that freed himself long enough to run to the door he came through—only to find it locked. Again he was grabbed by guards, ending up being suspended by his ankles and carried by a couple guards around the side of the building into an alley.

Kow managed to keep fighting despite his odd predicament and could have escaped, but he really wanted another look at those notes, which he’d dropped back where he’d been grabbed. Curiosity killed the Kow, or nearly so. He didn’t get the notes. He didn’t get away from the guards. He didn’t get killed, but he did get the living crap beat out of him in that alley and it will take him some time to heal.

Spitz also fought the good fight, but eventually decided that the better part of valor was running into the commune and hiding. Luckily, Grog had heard the commotion from Hengritte’s roof, eight blocks away, and he ran across the roof tops toward the commune, only to misjudge the distance in an alley jump and slam into a wall, getting a bit bloodied. He eventually arrived on the scene and tackled two of the guards to the ground, but also ended up getting beat up. (CONTINUED)

Jobs and other commitments

Kow picked up six followers of the Earth Gods and he promised to teach them his ways at the city’s small shrine once a week.

Gravel has a job breaking rocks at the quarry. He works for Kens, the foreman, who seems to have a soft spot for the slow, but hard working dwarf. Gravel missed a day of work because of the Temple visit, but arrived an hour early for work the next day. In that hour, Gravel moved a lot of rocks from here to there, but it turned out that he’d undone a lot of the previous day’s work. Kens was mad and made Gravel make it up. That meant a 10-hour work day instead of the usual 8-hour day, which meant Gravel was exhausted and extra hungry by the end of work.

Grog is still buying the potions from Hengritte whenever she wants a fix. That’s a 10-silver-piece expense, 2-3 times a week, so everyone is wondering when Grog’s money is going to run out.


Grog, Gravel, Spitz, and Kow each earned 4 XP.



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