In the worst slums of the City of Brass lies a run down ruins of one or two city blocks, abandoned by their owners, assumed unfixable. The commune moved into these buildings and started fixing them up. They’re run down and occasionally even on the edge of collapse, but a little shoring up has made them livable. The block contains almost twenty separate buildings, each two or three stories high. Many of them were already interconnected by doors, but the commune has made them all one giant building now. There’s a spacious courtyard inside, used mostly as a garden and meeting space. A few chickens and goats and a pig are kept here, too.

The first-floor rooms facing the courtyard are mainly workshops for smithing, leatherworking, painting, woodworking, weaving, and tailoring. The goods made here largely go back to the people of the commune. Excess goods are sold to local merchants at a very small profit.

No one runs the commune. People meet and talk about issues until consensus is reached. When there is no consensus, the default is “Well, do whatever you want.”


The area around the commune is really poor. Because the folks of the commune help their neighbors whenever possible, the locals are willing to overlook the squatters. Some locals, however, cannot abide squatters and want to drive the commune away.

The commune is in a neighborhood called Kickstone, which is about a thousand people. Kickstone is the poorest part of Ash Borough, which is about 8,000 people, all living in some degree of poverty. Its richest citizens work very hard to live a Comfortable lifestyle (2 gp/day), but they are rare. The typical Ash citizen lives in Poor conditions. Maybe 10% live in Modest conditions (1 gp/day). Ash Borough is considered part of Southside, a district of 40,000 people across the river. Southside contains some “nicer” areas, where most of the people are Comfortable, mostly craftspeople making stuff to sell across the bridge. Turntown, also called “the Clank,” is home to loud and smelly industrial shops, usually a block or two off the river.



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