City of Brass

Episode 2

This was the second game set in the City of Brass. I ran it for a handful of players at The Windup Space.

Characters present:

  • Grog, a half-orc barbarian
  • Keg’Alog, another half-orc barbarian
  • Russelfin
  • Someplace, a tiefling

NPCs encountered

  • Mixia, the blackguard collector, and the ugliest man alive
  • Tallow, an 8-year-old boy who lives on the street, occasionally steals or begs, and who knows where you can get spirit potions

Random problems

The Betters want to inspect the commune. Nothing happened here, but expect it to be in the forefront soon. (UNRESOLVED)

Mijktar and Esven didn’t come home last night. The group searched for them, but didn’t find them. Another night went by without sight of them, and the commune members are worried about the two pugilist brothers. (UNRESOLVED)

The Kickstone locals are upset about Hengritte selling spirit potions to their kids. The group looked for Hengritte in the usual places but couldn’t find her. Eventually, they talked to Grog’s friend Tallow, who led the group to a rooftop where Hengritte seemed to be sleeping. Further investigation proved she was in fact awake in the spirit world and flying around on some kind of spirit dragon. One of the half-orc barbarians babysat her, stole (and imbibed) a small potion himself, and was able to interact with the dragon. Someplace used evil tiefling curses to “scare straight” some neighborhood teens. The group made a terrible deal where they’d purchase Hengritte’s potions from her to keep her funded for her habit. (RESOLVED, for now?)

Rich dudes are surveying Kickstone. They have armed guards. There was a brief confrontation, but the party mostly steered clear of these people. Tallow did steal a money pouch from one of the surveyors and two guards gave him a good chase. They’d have caught him but one of the half-orc barbarians made it very clear how bad of an idea that was, and they decided to tell their master that they lost the kid in the alleys. (UNRESOLVED)


Grog, Keg’Alog, Russelfin, and Someplace each earned 2 XP.



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