City of Brass

Episode 1

This was the first game set in the City of Brass. I ran it for a few players at The Windup Space.

Characters present:

  • Eyen, tiefling bard
  • Menges Kraw, sorcerer?
  • Gravel, dwarf
  • Lucien

NPCs introduced

  • Rosiel, the aristocratic vocal coach, friend to Eyen
  • Mixia, pronounced (“mit chya”), the blackguard collector, and the ugliest man alive
  • Selia, the girlfriend of Mixia, but also sister to Esven and Mijktar
  • Corus, a manager at the laundromat, a horned tiefling

Random problems

Mijktar got in a fight with Mixia, the blackguard thug. The party looked into it. There was some testosterone-laden posturing on the staircase with the brothers, which turned into a beer-heist in a fenced-in backyard behind a bar. The theft was thwarted by an orc-dog of some kind, and a curious bartender. Mijktar may have overstated the case of his fight with Mixia, who obviously is a far better combatant than the entire party combined. Mixia appears to be a fairly nice guy, when he’s not “taking care of” problems. He has some kind of horrible birth defect or curse that makes him extremely unpleasant to look at. (RESOLVED)

Someone left a black pouch tacked to the front door of the commune. Is it a demand to pay the Black Tax? The group asked around town to understand what the bag means to them and how much they might owe, eventually settling on a figure of about 5 gold pieces a month for the commune. They took the bag to Mixia, who said it wasn’t his, and therefore it wasn’t legit, and that he’d “take care of it.” (RESOLVED)

A Holy Lantern preacher is spouting fire and brimstone at people outside the commune. There was a very reasonable confrontation that turned into a very unreasonable handful of spells being thrown around. A sleep spell eventually quieted the preacher long enough for Gravel to bash his head to extend his unconsciousness long enough to drag the preacher off. They left him behind a bar. (CONTINUED)


Eyen, Menges Kraw, Gravel, and Lucien each earned 5 XP.



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